What conditions can massage therapy treat?

Treatment can be offered to those with the following conditions:

Frozen shoulder
Golfers / Tennis elbow
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Repetitive Strain Injury
Disc pathologies
Anxiety and depression
Plantar fasciitis
Rotator cuff injury
Headaches and migraines
Strains and sprains

Massage therapy is also very beneficial to those with other complex and on-going health conditions. If you want to talk about how massage can benefit you then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Techniques used

A typical massage includes a fusion of eastern and western approaches, including elements of amma, shiatsu, swedish, thai and sports massage techniques.

These techniques are maximised by the knowledge and practice of hot and cold stones therapy, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, advanced stretching and a little bit of acupressure.

What kind of massage is right for you?

That all depends on your assessed need and how you want to feel during and after treatment. It’s all about communication. Ultimately, a tailor-made massage is developed for you.

See below for a description of the different massage therapies that I offer.

Clinical Massage

A clinical massage involves a full assessment of your soft tissue needs. This assessment will help develop a focused treatment plan, the aim being to deliver a series of massage treatments that encourage an increase in range of movement and a decrease in your experience of pain. This kind of massage is particularly helpful if you are experiencing chronic or acute pain.

Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage

Massage during and after pregnancy can be both therapeutic and relaxing. It benefits are bountiful. It can help alleviate pain or tension in various parts of the body, such as the lower back, shoulders or legs. It can also help to reduce oedema and blood pressure. Treatment takes place whilst you are in a comfortable and supported side-lying position and calls for a range of techniques to help reduce discomfort, pain and feelings of stress. The overall experience also provides a window of time where you can reconnect with yourself and your body. This is especially important when you consider the changes and challenges that pregnancy and birth often bring.

Relaxation Massage

We live in a busy and often stressful world. A relaxation massage can help by pulling on a range of techniques that aim to reduce your stress levels whilst improving your overall sense of wellbeing.

Hot Stones

This luxurious treatment uses heated (basalt) stones to provide a relaxing and therapeutic massage. This can help to reduce pain and stress levels but overall, it just feels like a real treat.

It should be noted that most massages may involve a component of most of these above-noted treatments. Ultimately, a tailor-made massage is developed according to your assessed needs.  

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